Apple Can't Ignore Claims Of Deleted Music Libraries

One of the most common complaints about Apple Music is that it deletes or destroys the music libraries that customers have carefully built up and curated over many years. Apple says it isn't happening, Apple bloggers are saying it's user error and customers are getting frustrated.
Whether the behaviour is planned or unintended, user error or design deficiency, throwing the blame back onto customers isn't a good tactic and Apple must not let this be its new 'Antennagate'.
Customers are losing their music collections - too many credible reports of this happening exist for it to be down to anything malicious. So Apple needs to investigate why it's happening and how it can stop future occurrences. Either instructions aren't clear enough or there's an error in the way that Apple Music handles music collections.
No other service suffers from this problem - and most offer similar functionality, synchronising your music into the cloud so that it can be listened to from any connected device. If Apple can't fix this problem there are plenty of other services for customers to enjoy.