Use Wemo With Windows Phone, Finally A Reliable Solution Leveraging IFTTT

Belkin seems intent on locking Windows users out of its Wemo home automation tools, even making changes to defeat those independent developers who have managed to get the devices working with their apps.

However there is a way of getting it all working using a bit of lateral thinking and IFTTT. And as a bonus the solution works on your desktop too.

First of all if you haven't already got one visit IFTTT and register for an account. Once you've done that you'll want to connect the following channels: Wemo, Maker and Pushalot.

Install Pushalot on your phone, you'll want this to get notifications back to confirm that your Wemo has actually done what you've asked it to do when you're activating it remotely. You can also add it to your Windows 8 or 10 PC if you'd like to get notifications there too.

Now create a new recipe and select Maker as the trigger (THIS). For the Event Name put something that identifies your switch and action - for example I use PoolPumpOn and PoolPumpOff to control my pool pump. For the action (THAT) select the Wemo channel and pick the action you want. Save the recipe.

Now visit the IFTTT Maker channel page and you'll find your personal key as well as a web address that looks something like this:[EVENT NAME]/with/key/[YOUR KEY]

Copy the address, substituting your Event Name into the appropriate place. Make sure that you've got a plain text string and then send it to your Windows Phone (I used email to get it across on mine). Once its on your phone click the link to visit the page in Edge, you should see a congratulations message confirming that your event has happened.

You can now save the link as a Favourite or select 'Pin this page to Start' in the application menu to give yourself an instant shortcut to activating your Wemo device.

Once you've tested that its all working you can move on to notifications. Create another recipe in IFTTT that uses Wemo as a trigger. For example if its  a Wemo Switch choose either switch turned on or switch turned  off as the trigger action and then choose Pushalot as your action channel.

Now you can activate your Wemo device remotely and get instant feedback to confirm that your device has acted upon your instruction. As a bonus you'll also get rock solid reliability, unlike those users on other platforms that have to deal with the vagaries of the native Wemo client on mobile connections.


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