TrendForce Sees Smartphone Market Contraction In Q1

TrendForce released its estimation of smartphone sales for the first quarter of 2016 and if valid they confirm two trends: a stalling of the smartphone market as a whole and a fall off in iPhone shipments which suggests that the arrival of the SE hasn't prevented Apple seeing its first sales contraction quarter on quarter.

As TrendForce numbers don't align with other sources historically, the important comparison is against what the report said this time last year. 

Samsung has had a reasonably quarter by that measure, maintaining global sales at around 82m devices. Apple's numbers drop from 45m to 42m, or around a 7% reduction of shipments year on year. Huawei looks to be the biggest beneficiary, with sales up from 20.5 to 27.5m - a growth of around 35%.

Confirmation of these numbers will come later in the month when we start to see official numbers, if they confirm what TrendForce is saying we may indeed be reaching a point of smartphone saturation. 


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