Tesla’s World Changing Impact Is Not About The Cars


Let’s be clear here, what Tesla has achieved thus far has been pretty impressive. Three all new vehicles launched, soon to be four; an order book so full the company can’t begin to cope and the thick end of $400m already banked in deposits for a new model that has yet to even reach production.

When all is said and done though, Tesla’s cars are just… cars. Electric powered and with better range and features than other EVs at the moment, but otherwise nothing really very special in the grander scheme of things.

The Supercharger network is a rather different kettle of fish though.

A network that already spans the US and is growing in other countries too, the speed with which Tesla owners can juice up their EVs added to that widespread distribution together mean that a Tesla offers all of the range and convenience of an internal combustion powered vehicle.

More importantly Tesla has offered to freely license its Supercharger technology to any company that agrees not to engage in IP warfare. That means that other manufacturers could equip their cars to use the network, whilst third-party energy suppliers could build charging networks to extend the reach of the system.

This concept of working towards a greater good is pretty alien to technology companies – witness the constant ongoing courtroom battles that rage across the US. However if EV manufacturers can work together to bring forward the capability and usability of EVs then Tesla will have changed more than just the motor industry..


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