TeamViewer Adds Continuum Support For Windows 10 Mobile

One area where Microsoft's focus on Continuum and giving the phone desktop level capabilities is sure to pay some dividends is the 'Remote Into' market. Whether that be enterprise level customers making use of to create flexible working setups or consumers providing remote support to family members and friends. 

It's a niche market, but right now it's one where Microsoft has both a unique proposition and a small enough overall market share to make it worth chasing.

So the arrival of a new version of TeamViewer for Windows 10 Mobile, with full support for Continuum is good news, as it makes the offering more valuable for another chunk of the market. In fact with Remote Desktop already supporting Continuum (albeit in Beta version only) it only remains for Microsoft to push Citrix into releasing an updated, Continuum friendly, version of Receiver to offer close to a complete package for the market at large.

Extensive remote access support together with a small, but growing, catalogue of native Continuum apps promises to change how we view our smartphones, even if it is in a very small way.


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