Oh Canada! Microsoft Offering Two For One On Lumia 950s

Microsoft Canada seems to have come up with an innovative way of improving its sales numbers for next quarter: everyone you buy a phone they give you another free. Excellent tactic tainted only by the stink of desperation that emanates from the offer.

It's a bad move in so many ways.

Firstly, it's not actually going to coax any more sales out of the woodwork -  buyers who would otherwise have ignored the 950 XL aren't going to stop doing so because of the prospect of getting a free 950. Those already planning to buy one will likely shift the free handset the don't want or need on ebay, dropping the second hand values of those handsets out there and also limiting new sales by throwing a lot of unopened, warranted devices into the second hand market.

And of course customers in other regions are going to halt that 950 purchase have they were planning as they wait for the offer to go global.

So far from having a positive effect (except perhaps on Microsoft Canada's stock inventory) there's no real benefit for Windows Mobile.

There were other ways in which Microsoft could have made this deal more attractive. A years subscription to Office 365, a year's subscription to Groove Music and a free Continuum dock would have cost less whilst offering a consumer a pretty compelling bundle.

Of course Microsoft couldn't do that as it seems intent on keeping Groove a completely secret service, and bundling it would have let customers know that it existed.

There's widespread acknowledgement that the Lumia 950 and XL don't feel like the premium handsets their price tags suggests. Microsoft seems to have significantly overshot in its attempts to correct that mistake.


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