How Bad Were Windows Phone Sales Last Quarter? Windows Mobile 6 Was More Popular

Microsoft's announcement that it shipped 2.3m Windows phones last quarter was a incredibly poor showing, as has been previously discussed.
But to quantify just how bad it was you need to look back in history.
Back to the same quarter in 2007, before the iPhone, when the smartphone market was one-tenth the size it is now and the competition was between Symbian, RIM, Palm and Microsoft; if you had a smartphone you were probably the only person you knew who had one - and social networks barely existed.
Windows Mobile 6 was almost universally hated. Even those users who liked it had to put up with its instability and some very Windows-like bad behaviour. Yet Windows Mobile 6 found 2.9m buyers back in 2007 - claiming 12% of the smartphone market.
In the intervening years Microsoft has burnt through untold billions of dollars trying to compete in the smartphone market, and to what end? Its phones are now less popular than those early Windows Mobile 6 phones were. Its market share is dropping so quickly it may even manage to reverse past Blackberry back into fourth place in the market.
It is a truly sorry state of affairs.


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