High Profile Defections Expose More Windows 10 Mobile Issues

Another day, another high profile Windows Phone user defects to Android. In this case ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley, a long time Windows Phone user who like former Windows Phone devotees Ed Bott an Tom Warren has now moved on.
Foley says that her defection has been caused by an absence of Windows 10 Mobile options at her service provider, Verizon, as well as the lack of an upgrade path for the Lumia Icon she currently uses.
Valid reasons, although Microsoft's inability to get the Icon onto the release version of Windows 10 Mobile when its all but identical twin the Lumia 930 does get the release suggests some funny business between Verizon and Microsoft, likely the same reason the Lumia 950 hasn't made it onto the network as well.
While Foley says that she'll be back when Microsoft launches the Surface Phone, the loss of a key (and high profile) cheerleader for the platform, so soon after Paul Thurrott's defection, leaves Windows 10 Mobile devoid of flag wavers in any media channel.
And with more and more Microsoft staff being photographed or otherwise revealed to be using anything but Windows on phones, its hard to imagine that there are too many flag wavers inside the company either.


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