Did The Microsoft Surface Outsell The iPad Pro Last Quarter?

A number of Apple fan sites and bloggers made much of the news that the all new iPad Pro had outsold Microsoft’s Surface range last quarter, ignoring the very different aims of the two products.

The Surface was a product which Microsoft designed to give direction and leadership to PC OEMs. It wasn’t seeking to own the market, rather to create a direction which showcased Windows at its best and gave PC builders something to ‘riff’ on when putting together their own products.

So although the iPad Pro outsold the Surface it was swamped by Windows two-in-one sales as a whole.

However the recent financial reports would seem to suggest that the Microsoft’s Surface probably outsold the iPad Pro last quarter despite not intending to.

Apple’s sales numbers and revenue figures suggest that the mix of iPads sold in its financial Q2 was not much different to that in Q1. Based on the numbers that Apple provided that equates to about 1.4m iPad Pros shipped.

Microsoft doesn’t give us any information on device shipments for Surfaces, but based on revenue figures last quarter and this quarter, and accounting for some run out pricing offers on the Surface Pro 3, it looks like Microsoft may have shipped slightly more than 1.4m Surfaces over the same period.

Whether the mark was achieved this quarter or happens some time in the future, Apple’s refusal to deliver a true hybrid still looks incredibly short-sighted. iPad sales as a whole dropped by 16% - faster than IDC estimate of a 14% fall for the market as a whole, whilst Microsoft saw Surface sales jump 61% year on year.

Like its lengthy delay in producing a large screen phone Apple’s just doesn’t seem to be able to skate to where the puck’s going to be at the moment.


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