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Xperia Z3 Stars At World Cup Final

The Under 20 FIFA World Cup climaxed here in Auckland yesterday with the Final and third place play off games being played in what was probably the worst weather that New Zealand has to offer, continuous and heavy rain.
The games produced great football, five stunning goals and a surprise World Champion, but the star of the show was my Xperia Z3 Compact.
In a day that started early and finished late; and encompassed an almost unprecedented workload, the Z3 delivered on all fronts.
Battery life was never an issue, despite a large number of voice calls, messages, emails and social media use. Add in all the photos and videos I took and there I have no doubt that neither my iPhone 6 nor  Lumia 930 would have made it through the day. The Xperia did, and with more than 40% of the battery still remaining after a sixteen hour work cycle.
Of course neither the Lumia nor iPhone would have survived the rain anyway. 
So whilst others kept their phones in their pockets or tried to use them whi…

About Those Apple Terms

So Apple's new News service had been canvassing bloggers for permission to publish their RSS feeds to iOS devices. Or rather Apple has been asking bloggers if they want to opt out of being published.

That sends to have caused something of an uproar. Which suggests some don't understand why they have RSS feeds at all.

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, is a method of sharing your blog posts to aggregators of all sorts. Apple is just taking what you make freely available and republishing it in the News app.

By offering bloggers the option to remove their content from the service Apple has gone above and beyond what is reasonable.

The other complaint has been about Apple's legalese which accompanies the offer. Specifically the stipulation that the publisher indemnify Apple against legal action for the content of the blog. Seems reasonable, prevents Apple being sued for hateful, unlawful or slanderous posts. As an aggregator I see no reason why Apple should take responsibility f…