Wunderlist Adds 3D Touch Support, Proves Widgets Are Better

Microsoft's continued efforts to be multi-platform have borne fruit once more with an enhanced version of its Wunderlist To-Do app for iPhone. What's new? Support for 3D Touch. iOS lovers rejoice, but Android lovers can take some satisfaction from the update to, as it demonstrates the clunky nature of Apple's workaround when compared to Widgets.

As the video demonstrates, you can now use pressure to pop up a menu from the Wunderlist icon to view your open tasks and a shortcut to a new task.

With the Android version of Wunderlist the widget offers a view of your task list all the time, whilst adding a task is a single tap away. In each case the Android way is easier and the more sensible way of doing things.

It's also interesting in light of key Mac User Interface designers criticism of the design of iOS.

Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini, in an interview with FastCo magazine recently, said that five of “the most important principles” are now “largely or completely missing in iOS”:

Of those five principles, 3D Touch violates the discoverability, consistency and feedback/feedforward blatantly. Which begs the question: has Apple abandoned its design principles - in line with Norma and Tog's criticisms, and built a worse user experience or were its original design principles overly promoted?


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