Windows 10 Mobile Update Delayed Until Next Year

Microsoft may have shipped new Lumias running Windows 10 Mobile, but it's clear from running the Insider builds of the platform that it is far from ready for the task of updating Windows Phone users to the new OS.

Given that Microsoft promised to deliver the update in December and we're more than halfway through the month, it should come as no surprise when they tell us the release is being pushed back into next year.

Not surprising, but disappointing.

Windows smartphone market share is disappearing at an alarming rate. In fact if it the trends of recent quarters are carried forward to the Q4 quarter Microsoft risks losing third place in the smartphone race to Tizen.

Being forced to delay this update sends a message to potential customers that Windows 10 Mobile is going to be a risky investment. Which further weakens an almost non-existent case for buying into, or sticking with the platform.


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