Where Next For The Special One

Chelsea fans were unequivocal about who they blamed for the sacking of Jose Mourinho, when Chelsea played Sunderland at Stamford Bridge yesterday. A barrage of abuse at players who many felt had stopped trying for their manager, flags of support and a lengthy chant of 'stand up for the special one' that had every Chelsea supporter on their feet laboured the point.

A convincing win in the first game of the post-Mourinho era did nothing to calm the storm. If anything raising the ire of the fans further.

Mourinho isn't the most likeable chap in the world, but his record of success puts him amongst the top percentile of football managers.

As Chelsea have faltered so have Manchester United, and Louis Van Gaal looks like a dead man walking. An unexpected defeat at Norwich suggests that the Dutchman will shortly be shown the door to allow Jose to fulfill his destiny and become manager at Old Trafford. Conceivably putting him a position to clinch a Premier League title which should turn even the bluest Chelsea fan red with rage.



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