The iPad Air Looks Good Value Compared To The Pro

One thing my short dalliance with the iPad Pro has done is to increase my appreciation of the iPad Air 2, which remains my favourite iPad, for now.

The Air does all that the Pro does (bar the Pencil support) and manages to be light enough and portable enough to use wherever your fancy takes you.

Yes the Pro wows you with its big screen, but the payback in handling complexities and awkwardness are enough to dampen my enthusiasm for the device.

In that respect the Air 2 easily beats the Pro out.

Which is the better device for holding single handedly? The Air 2. Which device can you hold in your hands and type with? The Air 2. Which device slips unnoticed into the pocket of you existing bag, case or backpack? The Air 2.

In terms of tablet compromise between size and utility the iPad selection makes me feel like Goldilocks. Too big, too small, aaah... just right.

The iPad Air 2 will likely be succeeded by a new iPad that is identical in every respect bar support for Apple's Pencil. That may well be a device that tempts me to upgrade.



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