Samsung To Offer Gear S2 Option For iPhone Users

The Samsung Gear S2 is probably the best smartwatch you can buy right now. Its rotating bezel and Tizen software work to create a smartwatch that does what you want a smartwatch to do without adding frivolous, pointless or marketing driven functionality. Yes Tizen doesn't have a great number of apps to install on your watch, so you can't squint at your tiny wrist mounted screen rather than pull out your phone as often as some others, but that really is a bonus.

Now Samsung is taking the smartwatch battle to Apple by making the Gear S2 support the iPhone.

I think it's probably a futile effort on Samsung's part. After all the majority of iPhone fans (as opposed to users) see them as a copycat. And with only a limited financial benefit in taking the Gear S2 over the Apple Watch it isn't necessarily going to sell on value grounds either.

Still, there may be capacity for a few sales to users thinking of jumping ship to Samsung (not as rare as you would think) and more open minded users may find that the Gear S2 actually meets their needs better than the Apple Watch.

In the end wider availability of devices like this is a good thing. Even if it's unlikely to see significant take-up.


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