Samsung Looking To Ecosystems For Growth

One thing that Samsung has done a reasonably good job at is building a device ecosystem to compete with Apple. Yes it has Watches and Tablets, as do many other Android OEMs. However Samsung, almost uniquely, has driven that further with a full house of devices that work together to deliver a powerful experience.

What it hasn't done is talked about or managed its ecosystem particularly well.

That looks like it's changes. Firstly with the above advert, which demonstrates some of the depth in the Galaxy range of accessories. That's good, because there's no point in having such a wide range of accessories if nobody even knows about them. The tagline is the thing here - It's not a phone, it's a Galaxy.

More important though, is the growing rumour that Samsung will not be making major changes to the Galaxy S6 hardware when it releases the S7 early next year. It  means that customers who have invested in Samsung's add-on devices and accessories are have a number of good reasons for staying with Samsung at upgrade time.

Continuity is a key part of the buying decision, and the more you can do to tilt that metric in your favour the more likely you are to retain the customer.

It's something that Apple has delivered very successfully with its iPhone hardware upgrade cycle. It's also something that has taken other manufacturers far to long to work out.


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