Philips Backtracks On Hue Lockdown

Seems like Microsoft isn't the only company that makes decisions without considering what the reaction of its customers might be. Philips decision to lock out non-Philips lightbulbs from its Hue service rightly raised an internet storm. Probably exacerbated by the inappropriate use of an open standard.
Having 'listened to customer feedback' Philips has announced that it will be reversing the upgrade that blocked third party bulbs and will restore access as a priority.
Philips used its message to try and explain its actions - some bulbs not working properly with the Hue controller - however that seems like an unlikely concern for Philips to have, given that poorly performing third party bulbs strengthen the case for buying Hue branded ones.
It's the right decision for Philips to take, but how many other companies are going to be caught out by not considering the reaction of their customers to a change?
In the age of a strong consumer voice, enabled by better comms tools, and a media hungry for stories to leap onto, it becomes ever more important for companies to impact assess changes before going live with them.


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