October Was All About Microsoft In Tablets

Sales figures suggest that buyers agree.
A report on the state of the online tablet marketplace shows that Apple's iPad problems pre-Pro launch were massive and Microsoft's Surface continues to gain support.

1010data Ecom Insights Panel (there's a mouthful for you) reports on online sales in the US. The veracity of its numbers stands scrutiny, although they present far from the full picture of the tablet market.

Nevertheless, because the report is consistent across time it is interesting as an indicator of trends.

In October online sales of the iPad crashed. Through 2015 Apple's share of the market has been between 30% and 45%. In October that collapsed to 17%. Expectation over new iPads probably had something to do with this and it's entirely possible that more people bought through retail locations to soften the blow. It remains a painful reminder of how badly the iPad has been doing.

For Microsoft the reverse is true. Over the year it had grown market share from under 15% to over 20% by September. In October the arrival of the new Surface Pro sent the crowds crazy, Microsoft took 45%  of the market.

Again there are all sorts of reasons why these numbers skew from the overall market, but as an indication of the impact of the Surface it's a valid metric. Especially when you look at average selling price over the last 12 months: Microsoft has easily the best numbers here, with its ASP being more than double that of the iPad - $844 vs $392.

Now we really know why Apple had to produce the iPad Pro...


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