Microsoft Has A Completely New App Problem

I think we can safely assume that the Windows mobile app gap is a non-issue going forward. Those people buying Windows 10 Mobiles will either live with the gaps or have all the apps they need so won't be worried.
For Microsoft there's a new app gap appearing and the company needs to consider the impact of its long term strategy.
The table represents Nielsen's survey of most used smartphone apps, on a monthly rolling average from October '14 to October '15.
The top ten apps come from Google, Facebook and Apple. None are from Microsoft.
Having pushed heavily into delivering its offerings across the three mobile platforms it seems more than a little worrying that Microsoft hasn't been able to deliver a single top ten app this year. Perhaps that's because it owns everything from eleven through twenty, but realistically probably not.
Microsoft has some pretty high profile offerings - Office, Skype, OneDrive, Outlook. All of them are class leading tools. If they aren't gaining popularity on smartphones though, Microsoft is in danger of losing the crowd.
Steve Balmer recently questioned the way that Microsoft has been reporting its performance - as a shareholder that seems reasonable. As a former CEO and someone with detailed knowledge of the way Microsoft's business is set up it should be raising warning bells for investors and Microsoft fans alike.


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