Microsoft Has An Android App To Help You Find Microsoft Android Apps

Microsoft has gone all-in with its cross platform mobile strategy, delivering almost all of its key apps across iOS and Android. In fact it has so many apps on the Android platform that is has released an app in the Google Play Store just to list all of its Android apps.

The Microsoft Apps app is something of a mini-app store in its own right, although it points you to the Play Store to complete your downloads.

And its only when you look at how many apps that Microsoft has available that you realise how precarious the position of Windows 10 Mobile is. Microsoft has everything that it needs to build an AOSP phone and turn it into a true Microsoft device that it can push to its loyal enterprise and consumer customers.

If it takes ownership of the upgrade and security process, in the same way that Blackberry has with the Priv, and can bypass the networks to deliver those updates quickly, it may even be able to provide a service which makes the Microsoft Android phone a compelling buy. 

Something that clearly hasn't been able to do with Windows 10 Mobile.


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