Jaguar To Enter Formula E For Season 3

Formula E has been something of a success, even though it's only in its second season. In part that success has been driven by the promise of the new, riding the wave of interest in EVs and the accessibility that the championship offers to fans.
Those efforts look like being rewarded by the entry of a big name racing heavyweight. Sources in the UK are reporting that Jaguar will enter the sport for season three, possibly by taking over the struggling Trulli team.
Alejandro Agag, the sport's boss, has previously confirmed that two major manufacturers would be entering the sport, so the arrival of Jaguar would fulfill half of that promise. Who the other one might be is open to speculation.
Citroen, who already had a technical partnership with the sport, or VW, who needs to re-establish some 'green' credentials after dieselgate.
It does make me wonder why Formula E has restricted the grid to just ten teams though. A wider more varied field, encompassing private entries and manufacturer teams would help the sport grow and gain acceptance, as well as providing more seats for up and coming racers to aspire to.
Drop the team limitation and give us grids of twenty-five or even thirty cars. History proves that a well stocked grid brings in the fans.
More racers = more racing.


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