iPhone 6S Failing To Excite The Market

Kantar Worldpanel's most recent report on the state of the smartphone market makes less than brilliant reading for Apple, suggesting as it does that the new iPhone 6S range has failed to maintain the momentum of the earlier iPhone 6.
Apple's market share is massively down in the US and Australia, whilst across the big EU markets it saw a smaller, but still significant fall in market share.
On the positive side the iPhone showed significant growth in China, as well as re-taking the market lead from Android in Japan.
In the US Apple's poor performance was balanced by a return to form for Samsung. The company sold more smartphones than anybody else and increased its market share year on year. Things are getting better for Samsung elsewhere too. In the EU 38% of those surveyed who said they were planning on buying a phone over the holiday season said they would be buying a Samsung. By comparison, only 25% were considering an iPhone.


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