HTC Promising VR Breakthrough In 2016

HTC's upcoming VR headset promised to move the game forward next year, being the first device with object tracking, allowing a user to 'see' their hands in the virtual world.

However the new Vive headset may arrive a little later than originally planned - and packing something new.

We don't know what that might be, but whatever it is HTC felt that it was a big enough leap forward to kill version 1 of the device and wait until it was able to complete work on version 2 before shipping to customers. That means that although the headset will be shown off at CES it won't start shipping until April.

CEO Cher Wang promised a "very, very big technological breakthrough" had been made by its development team.

If that's true it sounds like it's going to be well worth waiting for. The idea that a company might not ship a half baked product with the intention of rendering it obsolete in a short space of time is quite revolutionary too.

Part of me worries that this is bluster and that HTC just couldn't get the Vive working in time for the original shipping date. As its Christmas I'll be charitable and hope that HTC delivers on its promises, knocking our socks off with a demo that wins CES.



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