F1: Alfa Romeo To Re-Enter As Engine Supplier

Piercarlo Ghinzani testing the Ligier-Alfa Romeo that never raced.
Alfa Romeo is one of the most storied names in Grand Prix racing history. Whether that be pre-war battles with the might of Mercedes and Auto Union, or the early days of the F1 Championship, the Alfa Romeo name has a certain amount of history and emotion attached to it.

So when rumours start that Ferrari's customer engines for Haas and Toro Rosso might be badged as Alfa Romeo next year that is big news.
The Alfa Romeo name left F1 in 1987, after an ill-fated partnership with French team Ligier. The deal to build a new four cylinder turbo engine was made prior to Fiat's buyout of Alfa and as a result clashed with Ferrari's involvement in F1. A few ill-thought out comments from the team's lead driver Rene Arnoux gave Fiat the contractual out they needed and Alfa Romeo exited the sport before the new engine had ever raced.
A return has been long overdue. Alfa Romeo badging on the rear of this year's Ferrari has been only a very small compensation for F1 and Alfa Romeo fans. The return of Alfa Romeo to the US market, the entry of the US Haas team and their use of Ferrari engines seems to offer a perfect storm of an opportunity for Alfa Romeo's return.
Fingers crossed that this comes to be...


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