Does Microsoft Still Have A Stool? Windows Mobile Looking Rockier Than Ever

Selling a product requires engagement with consumers, a three-legged stool which leads to a purchase: attention, interest and desire. With the launch of its new Lumias and Windows 10 Mobile it's hard to see how Microsoft has achieved this.

The new Lumias are available now. In fact the third new Windows 10 Mobile dropped today. How much attention is it receiving? How much attention has the whole new Windows 10 Mobile range received.

The average smartphone buyer no more knows the existence of Microsoft's new platform than a tea leaf knows the history of the East India Company (with apologies to Douglas Adams).

Microsoft has failed to draw the attention of the media and as a result the potential customer. Sure, a few Microsoft friendly enterprise customers have been given the full launch treatment, but otherwise? Zip. Nada. Nothing. 

Given that a reasonable part of Windows Phone's problem was that Microsoft and its partners did nothing to market the phones, its sad to see history repeating itself.

Without attention there can be no interest. Without interest no desire and as a result no sale.

Even the best salesman, motivated to sell a new Lumia is going to struggle to come up with reasons to buy one over an Android or iPhone. Personally I can think of only one. Not Office mobile (available everywhere) nor Xbox connectivity (ditto). Live Tiles are great, but the app gap buries that advantage every time. The only truly great feature on Windows 10 Mobile is Cortana and as she'll be making her way to Android soon, that's not a selling point.

Looks like Microsoft have given up on mobile. So the next question should be: will Tizen overtake Windows to become the third most popular smartphone platform?


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