Coldplay's Spotify Holdout Caves In After One Week

Coldplay's new album 'A Head Full Of Dreams' is a very approachable new album. As I'm a Microsoft Groove subscriber I've been able to enjoy the album since last Friday when it launched. My wife, who has a paid Spotify subscription, hasn't.
Coldplay's decision to withhold the album from Spotify (and only Spotify) was made because of concerns about the company's free tier - a group that consists of 60m users worldwide. Add in 20m paid subscribers and you have an enormous cohort of listeners. Listeners not able to stream Coldplay's new release.
Whether the band originally intended the Spotify holdout to be a week or not, the announcement that the album will be available to all Spotify users from this Friday looks like a cave in by the band.
Presumably once they added up income from all other sources the value of being on Spotify and earning income from those 80m listeners became apparent.
Coldplay obviously don't have the appeal of Adele with the iTunes and CD buying public...


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