Apple's Battery Case Is Not The First Of The Four Horseman

Apple's iPhone battery case, which launched last week, is an incredibly ugly piece of technology. It takes the svelte lines of the iPhone and wraps them in cheap materials and gives it the elegance of a camel designed by a committee.
And that's a good thing. Really it is.
For too long Apple has delivered devices that over-emphasise form over function. The iPhone 6 design is a particular example of this. Too thin to house a decent sized battery, to slippery to use without a case and not particular comfortable to hold in the hand by virtue of its unforgiving edges.
The battery case is an entirely different animal. It focuses on delivering additional battery capacity over any other requirement. It certainly provides enough battery life to guarantee to get your iPhone through the day, so that battery is big enough.
And that ugly hump? Apparently it's there because of the location of the iPhone's antennae. So unlike other battery cases that may be more pleasing on the eye, this one won't hurt the performance of your iPhone either.
Even the floppy folding top is there for a reason, because it makes it infinitely easier to remove the phone from the case. Important, because Tim Cook confirmed my original supposition, that this isn't a case designed to permanently house your iPhone, rather it's designed to be slipped on and off during the day to give quick boosts to the battery.
So whilst others are pegging the battery case as a harbinger of doom, I'd say it marks a rare outbreak of common-sense in Apple design. If I was in the market it would probably be the case I'd choose, butt ugly, humpback and over-priced as it may be.


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