Apple Looking To Get Serious In India

Although we don't hear very much about it, the Indian smartphone market is growing at an astonishing rate. Samsung and local vendors Micromax and Intex own the market, however it looks like Apple has decided to start taking the country seriously.
It needs to. India is currently the third largest smartphone market in the world and is predicted to leapfrog the US to become number two next year. And Apple's sales are nowhere.
The most popular iPhone in India is currently the 5S. However 'popular' isn't the best way of describing it. No wonder, India is the most expensive place in the world to buy an iPhone, despite being a market that's focused on cheaper smartphones.
To remedy this Apple is going to drastically reduce the price the 5S, in order to compete in the market sector where most customers buy. A cut to the Rupee equivalent of £250 now makes India one of the cheapest places in the world to get the older iPhone.


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