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Tim Cook Furiously Backpedalling On 'iPad Pro Only' Endorsement

As I've mentioned before, Apple generally follows up the release of a new product by wheeling out senior executives to big up the new device and belittle the competition. With the iPad Pro it seems like it may have gone a little crazy and dismissed a whole class of its own products unintentionally.
The origin of this story was an interview in which Tim Cook said that he only travels with his iPad Pro and iPhone and couldn't understand why anyone would ever buy a PC again.
I've already disputed these comments, so won't question their validity again. However, someone at Apple seems to have belatedly realised that Apple itself is heavily invested in the PC business and as a result Cook's comments could be seen as an instruction to the Mac faithful to avoid its products.
Probably not the result Apple were looking for.
So a subsequent interview has Cook furiously backpedalling on his statements and trying to justify the existence of Macs by saying that he doesn't consider them to be PCs.
Apple's intent was clearly to further damage PC manufacturers by dissing their products. Given that Apple is one of the largest PC manufacturers it clearly didn't see the downside of that argument early enough.
To claim that Macs are not PCs is ridiculous and only serves to highlight how little honesty and conviction comes out of Apple right now.
If you honestly believe that the iPad Pro is the end for PCs come out and say it and be proud of it. Be the Apple that wasn't afraid to cannibalise products by releasing better products in a different category.
Saying things purely because you're desperate to breathe life into a failing product line by launching a derivative, me-too product when slamming the competition is the only thing you've got? That's not the Apple we deserve.