The iPad Lacks For Confidence, Not Power

No iPad will ever match a MacBook for capability
With the imminent arrival of the iPad Pro into consumer's hands Apple has begin its regular 'new device' nonsense parade. Rolling out members of its management team to tell customers what to think and to lead the media discussion in a way that paints the device in the best possible light whilst glossing over its deficiencies.

For the big iPad that discussion seems to be heading down the road towards the device as a PC replacement. Something along the lines of the iPad Pro being so big and powerful that it's the only PC you could possibly need.

Which is wrong.

Power doesn't come into it. Nor does size. What prevents any iPad being a suitable replacement for a PC is a lack of confidence. Confidence that you won't run into a task that the iPad can't handle and which will therefore ruin your day.

It's the big difference between a Surface and an iPad. The former offers 100% confidence that if you need to do something computing related it will get the job done. If you want a tablet to do a PCs job a Surface of some flavour (or a similar Windows tablet) is what you need.

If you want to stay with Apple then you'll be far better off pairing your iPhone with a MacBook. You'll absolutely have a more capable setup.

And you'll have that ring of confidence to boot.


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