That Sickening Feeling When You Drop Your Phone

Damage is invisible unless you know where to find it
I've dropped phones before of course, but generally they've landed somewhere soft, or I've managed to soften the landing by using football skills to cushion the landing on my foot. It's a rare occurrence and as a result I still avoid cases on my phones, figuring the hassle of a protective case outweighed the risk of a dropped phone being damaged.
Yesterday was a little different. Having arrived at SnowPlanet for my kids' skiing session and in the process of unloading their equipment from the boot of my car I reached up to close the hatchback and my phone slipped from my hand, falling about six feet onto the uneven tarmac and gravel mix that makes up the car park. I watched as it fell and found the most rough and uneven piece of ground to land on, screen first.
My son's current go to line ("Uh, fail!) and my daughter's "Daddy, your phone" didn't do anything to stop the sinking feeling as I reached down to pick it up, expecting to see a terminally smashed screen.
So you can imagine my relief  when I picked up and there was no sign of a smashed screen. In fact after closer inspection I found to tiny scratches (presumably the high points of the landing zone) which aren't visible with the screen on and can't be felt by the finger when using the phone.
So I have to say good work Samsung and Corning, whose Gorilla Glass 4 protects the S6's screen.
Now I'm just off to buy a decent case to prevent it happening again.


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