Nokia 230: Is This Microsoft's Best Phone Of The Year

Neither of Microsoft's new Lumias is likely to sell in any serious numbers, but one phone that Microsoft did launch this month probably will: the Nokia 230.
This is a pretty serious feature phone for emerging markets. $55 (before subsidies and discounts) nets you a 2.8" QVGA screen, T9 keypad and a pair of 2mp cameras with LED flash. There's an SD card slot for expanding out the onboard storage and a dual SIM version for those markets where this is a popular option.
Check out those app icons : Facebook, Twitter and Skype all come pre-installed on this thing and the Symbian Series 30+ apps store has a good selection of others. Gamers will be pleased with the offer of one free Gameloft title per month during the first year of ownership. For a feature phone its pretty well connected.
Whilst it may not be the last word in smartphones it certainly appears to fit the requirements of its target markets, providing communication at affordable prices.
So if it turns out to be Microsoft's best selling phone I wouldn't be entirely surprised.


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