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Microsoft Drops OneDrive Storage Tiers, Punishes The Innocent

In an ample demonstration of why we can't have nice things, Microsoft has used the abuse of its unlimited OneDrive storage offer for Office 365 subscribers, to kill that deal and downgrade its other storage tiers.
Whilst some users were using the storage for system backups and movie collections which generated storage lockers up to 75TB in size, unless they were breaking terms and conditions of the Office 365 / OneDrive bundle offer Microsoft should taken the pain and accepted it.
Then updated its terms and conditions to prohibit the misuse.
However, there is something fundamentally wrong with offering users unlimited storage and then removing it when they avail themselves of the offer.
Its a betrayal of Microsoft's 'Cloud first' strategy and entirely self-inflicted.
Personally I don't have a problem with 'just' 1TB of storage for my Office 365 subscription. But I imagine there are plenty of legitimate users who have crossed that threshold, without abusing the system, who are now pretty upset.
This is a bad decision that needs to be reversed.