Lukewarm Reception For New Lumias Not A Problem For Microsoft

The Lumia 950 and 950XL are the first new phones running Windows 10 Mobile, they represent Microsoft's play for a future for Windows as mobile platform and the crumbling remains of the phone manufacturing industry formerly known as Finland, Nokia.
Reception to the release of such momentous hardware has been lukewarm and that's being kind. The prospect of another failed reboot of Windows for smartphones seems to have taken the wind out of the sails of even the staunchest of Microsoft's supporters.
The general gist of the response elsewhere has been: 'Continuum's nice, but who will use it', 'a decent camera doesn't make a winning proposition' and 'still no apps'.
In order to disrupt entrenched competitors who have 97% of the market, partisan following and well established ecosystems Microsoft needs more than competitive internals, it needs a blow your socks off feature that drags customers into retail stores just to ogle at them.
What the launch of these new phones tells us is that Microsoft has given up on the mobile market. Windows 10 Mobile exists to satisfy the needs of specific corporate customers and Microsoft will base its mobile strategy on apps delivered to competing platforms.
As a result Microsoft probably doesn't really care whether anybody likes the new Lumias or not.