LG Cancels First LTE Android Wear Watch

Quality Control isn't such a difficult thing, if it's built into every step of your process for getting a product from conception to showroom. Toyota and other Japanese companies showed how it could be done forty years ago, turning out vehicles with failure levels that European and American car makers could only dream of at the time.

When QC isn't built into your process then you end up with a product that makes it out to customers before its failings are exposed. LG is reaping this particular harvest right now, after the high profile launch of its new Urbane 2 LTE smart watch was turned into a total fiasco, with the product removed from sale after just six days.

What the problem is hasn't been revealed by LG, but it's enough to ensure that the company is contacting people who have already bought the LTE equipped smart watch in order to arrange a return and refund.

There's no word as to whether the problem is something that can be fixed allowing the Urbane to return to the shelves. Even if it does I'd suggest that LG has done significant damage to its reputation as a smart watch manufacturer and will have to work very hard to restore that.



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