IPad Pro, Day Three: Wrapup

Three days wouldn't normally be long enough to give a valid verdict on a new product. However with the iPad Pro I think it's possible to get a real flavour of what it is and what it isn't.
One of the things it isn't is a finished product. Rather than tweak iOS for the new screen size and ways of working, Apple pretty much left them as they were. Things like the icon spacing look ridiculous, as do apps that pull up the standard keyboard.
Even the Apple logo is mounted in portrait orientation – for a device that is not particularly comfortable to use that way around. This is a landscape device.
It's too thin as well.
Given the surface area of the Pro I'd say making it super thin shouldn't have been a priority. With just a little more girth it should have been possible to build an iPad with a legendary battery life. Instead the designer's need to slim things down over-rode the user demands for extended battery life.
Not that battery life is anything short of excellent. It just could be longer. Charging is slow. Which doesn't help.
As the iPad Pro departs for its new owner what will I miss? In truth very little. There were too many times when iOS frustrated me. When it was doing iPad things I found myself wishing I was using my iPad Air 2, and when I was doing desktop things I was desperate for my Surface 3.
It's somewhat ironic that the iPad Pro would be infinitely better if Apple had built it with a view to competing with the Surface Book. Tim Cook slated that device recently.
It would be nice to have seen it running OS X, as my gut reaction told me immediately after launch, however I think if Apple were to add mouse pointer support to iOS it would make the iPad Pro a much better device.
I'm told that iOS supports limited keyboard shortcuts for interacting with the Pro. Unfortunately that only extends to some basic operations.
If I were allowed only one device (and I was determined to use Apple) I think I'd probably choose the MacBook over the iPad Pro. If I were allowed two devices I would choose the MacBook and iPad Air 2 over the iPad Pro as well.
If I wasn't committed to buying Apple there is no question that my money would go on a Surface Pro 4.
iPad sales figures are bound to take a leap this quarter. However, retail locations here in NZ have stock of the Pro - we have no Apple Stores here, so this is just your average retailer. If that is replicated around the globe that means Apple supply chain has either been extremely successful or demand for a big iPad was over-estimated somewhat.
So in summary, more than a big iPad, less than a game changer. Apple has re-invented the iPad, which offers a good value proposition for users who fit the iPad Pro template.


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