Huawei Growth Could See It Overtake Apple For Smartphone Sales

Gartner's latest report on smartphone sales show that Android and iOS completely own the market: 98% of smartphones run Google or Apple's platform. 85% of smartphone sales go to Android devices.
One company riding that wave of Android share growth is Huawei, which grew its market share by 50% year on year to close the gap on Apple's sales numbers.
This time last year Huawei made 40% of Apple's sales numbers, this year that has grown to 60%. If trends continue Huawei could supplant Apple as the second most popular OEM within the next eighteen months.
Samsung remains top dog for sales numbers, it shipped 14% more handsets than this time last year, although it was outgrown by a market that hit 15% growth.
Behind the big three, it looks likely that Lenovo will lose fourth place to Xiaomi very soon - the purchase of Motorola proving to be a bit of a disaster for the former with year on year sales down 20%.
In terms of platforms it was a terrible month for Windows and Blackberry - the forthcoming release of Windows 10 Mobile a factor for the former (hopefully) - and the release of the first Blackberry Android phone the latter.