HTC Digs At Apple In One A9 Ad

HTC's marketing has been garbage for years. In fact it's reasonable to say that most of HTC's current problems are a result of its inability to deliver a good marketing message in support of its products. From the company responsible for one of the most iconic smartphone marketing  campaigns ever, that's been a major failing.

The new One A9 is being launched with a new commercial which, whilst not perfect, better explains the device and why HTC thinks you should buy it.

Primarily the message is that the iPhone is for your parents or dummies, whilst HTC has a phone which is young and dangerous, setting you free. As a bonus it riffs on parts of the all-time classic Apple 1984 commercial that launched the Macintosh.

The message is a good one and the commercial is visually and musically well done.

A part of me can't help but feel that HTC has hit the wrong target here though. Firstly the iPhone is clearly not just in the hands of the elderly or uneducated. There are also cool, trendy, stylemakers for whom the iPhone is the device of choice. Lots of them.

HTC suggestion that the iPhone is uncool is laughably overplayed as a result.

Still, signs of improvement are signs of improvement. Enough to save the business? Probably not, but possibly enough to ensure a stay of execution.


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