Galaxy S6 Fast Charging Shows The Answer To Battery Runtime Woes

Since I started using the Galaxy S6 I've never used the micro-USB port for charging, it gets juiced up on one of the ever growing number of wireless chargers that I own. The last Samsung I owned was similarly rarely tethered, only in that case the epic battery life and easy access to a fully charged replacement battery means that I was able to go from zero to fully charged in less than a minute.
As I was doing some battery endurance testing on the S6 last week I found myself with a phone that was all but dead by Saturday lunchtime (I'd been expecting it to die on Friday evening) and needing to head off for the rest of the day.
For the first time I unpacked the charger that came supplied in the S6's box. Knowing that this was a fast charging unit I was hopeful that I could get enough juice into the battery to see me through the day.
My expectations were completely blown away. From 6% battery charge to 71% in just over thirty minutes. Enough to not only get me through the rest of Saturday, but also all of Sunday too.
Being able to juice up your smartphone so quickly really does mean an end to battery worries. Samsung even offer a wireless charger with fast charging capabilities, offering untethered super-charging.
Samsung took the loss of a feature (replaceable batteries) and has turned it into a positive on the S6 and Note 5 families. That's something it should be applauded for.


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