Formula E Introduces Drone Racing: Roborace Coming In 2016

Formula E, the electricity fueled single seater racing championship has had an impressively exciting start to life. At the start of its second season as a championship we've already had more excitement and more racing than a decade of Formula 1.
Formula E is adding a support series with a difference. Roborace will use the same cars and technology as the Formula E series, however there will be no drivers, as the cars will be self-driving.
Clearly this is an attempt by the Formula E organisers to tempt potentially interested parties like Google, Apple and Tesla to throw their hats into the ring. And of course gives them an incentive for joining the main Formula E championship too.
All sorts of interesting challenges in the offing, both in getting the series off the ground and developing the technology to get the cars racing.
Looking forward to seeing how this one develops.


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