DisplayMate Ranks iPad Pro Screen Good, Surface Pro 4 Better

DisplayMate's screen tests for new devices are always worth reading. Completely devoid of opinion bias these are scientifically undertaken and performance ranked to provide an indisputable truth where display quality is concerned.
The company has just published its results for the iPad Pro and the new Apple tablet scores well across the board. Not well enough to displace Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 as king of the hill for large screen tablets.
In fact it runs out that it isn't even the best display on an iPad. That distinction is earned by the Mini 4, which matches the Surface Pro 4 and is king of smaller tablets in DisplayMate's tests.
Still the iPad Pro manages to score a Very Good in DisplayMate's rating system and most users won't be anything but delighted with the quality.
However, I suspect that it will irk Apple that its flagship tablet display ranks lower than not only the Surface Pro 4 but also the Surface 3 and iPad Mini 4.