Competition Killed The Rdio Star

Rdio, an early competitor in the streaming music business is no more. The company has filed for bankruptcy and will shutter following the sale of its assets to Pandora.
The online radio service which offered an on-demand service in latter years, doesn't appear to have weathered the storm of new services arriving in the market. Apple and Google being the elephants in the room the tiny company couldn't compete with for mindshare.
The trouble with the streaming industry is that it is effectively a branded white box solution. This means that other than a little negotiating over price and content, the big internet players have been able to move into music streaming relatively cheaply. Killing off the little guys, for whom few customers have any loyalty,
So what does this mean for Pandora? Will it add an on-demand service to its streaming radio channels. How will it differentiate this service if it does. Is there room for another independent other than Spotify?


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