Boxwave Fixes iPhone Dumb Interface Problem

This is the Boxwave ClearTouch SmartButtons screen protector. It magically moves taps at the bottom of the iPhone screen to the top, giving you a back button you might actually be able to reach with your finger.

The logic of putting menu items and screen controls at the top of the screen defeats me. Especially as screens have got bigger. It's particularly bad on the iPhone because, unlike Android and Windows Phone, there are no controls at the bottom of the phone other than the home button.

Apple introduced Reachability with the iPhone 6, in what turns out to be a pretty ineffective attempt to mitigate the problem. Its only acceptable because its a relatively rarely used scenario.

Boxwave has a better answer, so long as you're happy with a screen protector on your iPhone. And the knowledge that your very expensive smartphone only works properly if you apply an ungainly kludge.
Adding capacitive back and menu buttons either side of the iPhone's home button would not be difficult nor would it be too complex for users to understand. It would make for an infinitely more elegant fix than either Reachability or the ClearTouch SmartButtons.
It would be seen as another admission that Android's interface is better than Apple's, following on from notifications, the notification panel, shortcuts, widgets and large screens.


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