Axel Springer Heading Towards Another Court Defeat Over Adblockers

German publisher Axel Springer has once more turned to legal action in its fight to display adverts on its web properties. 

The company, whose landmark loss to AdBlock Plus publisher Eyeo, set the stage for the explosion of adblockers into the mainstream conversation; has begun action against iOS app Blockr.

It seems unlikely that the outcome of this court case will be any more satisfactory for the Bild owner than the last one.

The user has the right to decide whether to accept adverts or not. Axel Springer needs to develop technology to either prevent the display of content to those blocking ads or demand a subscription from them to consume the publisher's offerings.

I guess the problem for Axel Springer is that it probably believes that most users would just abandon its sites rather than pay for the content or accept advertising. Which puts the perceived value of its product at zero.

Whether the company can persuade enough readers to pay up to remain viable is the point of interest here. If it can't, then given its prominence in the German speaking market, it suggests that there are unlikely to be too many other German publishing powerhouses that can do so either.


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