Apple Singapore Store To Be Solar Powered

Tim Cook may have some strange ideas about PCs, hybrids and watches, but in one area he's proven to be consistently on the money: green energy. Having previously warned climate change naysayers to sell their Apple stock if they didn't like the company's direction on energy consumption reduction, Cook and Apple have managed to keep the environment front and centre of its business agenda.
So yesterday's announcement of a new Apple Store in Singapore which will be entirely powered by solar generated renewable energy shouldn't be too much of a surprise.
Apple has partnered with Sunseap to make the solution achievable. 800 solar panels will generate up to 50MW of electricity annually, of which Apple will consume 33MW. Presumably the remainder will be sold back into the Singapore energy market, improving the country's performance on renewable energy.
On the back of Apple's commitment to a 200MW Solar short-term solution in China - with a 2GW commitment to follow - it's clear that Apple really does mean to make good on its promise to be 100% renewable powered.


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