Apple - It Just Works

It's been the slogan that Apple and its users have trotted out when explaining why they pay more for Apple equipment. And it certainly used to be the case.

However it's true in a complete different way at the moment. It just works, when you take the version of 'just' whose synonym is 'barely'.

We all know how awful iCloud can be and Apple Music managed to upset even loyal Apple fans. Add to this a certificate problem that meant that some (many?) Mac users found that apps stopped working today.

This is such an easily avoidable error that you have to wonder who on earth is watching the shop at Apple? Did Apple forget what quality control is for, or are they just discovering that as you grow bigger as a company these things get more difficult?

An expired certificate is easy to avoid (although to be fair to Apple, over the years I've experienced many similar failures by B2B partners who didn't have their eyes on the ball) and in itself doesn't cause massive problems (those affected will, at worst, have to redownload applications). However it is a part of a bigger story.

Added together we see a picture of Apple as a company, it speaks of focus being removed from quality and placed on product and profit. That these continuing niggly problems haven't provoked a customer backlash speaks volumes for Apple's customer loyalty.

If things aren't resolved I imagine that Tim Cook and co. will soon find out just how far customer loyalty can be stretched. And the rebound will be painful.


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