Apple Considering Dropping Headphone Jack, Follows HTC Once More

This dongle allowed you to use standard headphones with HTC's proprietary headphone socket.
Various Apple sites are reporting that Apple is likely to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack from the next iPhone in favour of audio over Lightning. The move is allegedly being made to allow even thinner bodies on future iPhone.
This obsession with being thin isn't healthy though. In the same way that we have seen a backlash against super-thin, size zero models, it's time we let Apple know what we think of its constant reduction in the iPhone's size.
If the phone's internals don't require all the space that a body accommodating a 3.5mm headphone jack offers, stuff some extra battery in there instead. As an iPhone user I'll never complain about longer battery life. It's been an iPhone weak spot since day one.
It's also something that HTC did first - several of its Windows Mobile handset used a proprietary mini-USB port which the headphones plugged into.
Another case of where HTC leads, Apple follows?


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