Apart From The iPhone, Just How Good Are Apple's Products

Apple has gradually become the iPhone company. Over the course of the last three years that product group has grown from being responsible for under half of Apple's business by value, to nearly two-thirds. The rump of Apple's income is still a pretty major business, but without the iPhone Apple couldn't be the powerhouse it is today.

So how have Apple's other products faired?

The iPad seemed to have a glorious future ahead of it, becoming the fastest selling product of all time and growing a whole new market around itself. Despite being the perfect implementation of Apple's tablet dream the iPad first loss market share and then lost actual sales numbers.

The iPad is the perfect device to give an aging parent or a youngster - I have done both myself - it's relatively foolproof and requires almost no technical knowledge to use and get good value from. Perhaps that's the extent of its market though. Windows and Android tablets are available that are cheaper or more capable; and often both at the same time.

The Mac has been holding its own, growing sales by a small margin in a contracting market. The MacBook Air has been the de facto king of the portable hill almost since its release. The new MacBook may not be quite so iconic and faces stronger competition, however that doesn't appear to be impacting sales. In fact I'd expect Apple to continue to grow sales as the overall desktop class PC market contracts.

Apple's peripheral business - or Others, as Apple puts it - have been patchy performers. The Apple TV has been a solid seller, the Apple Watch marginally so, Apple Music has okay subscriber numbers which look disappointing set against the potential subscriber base of one billion users.

The iPhone and Mac products lead on quality and innovation. However some of Apple's other products are either derivative, or outshone by their peers. 

Doesn't hurt Apple's overall business or prospects, and like the Apple TV there's every indication that they will grow and develop into something much more desirable. Until then Apple can console themselves that those products would be held up as shining examples of success and profitability in just about any other business on earth.


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