Adele Says No To Streaming 25

In what is probably today's least important news, Adele's record company has announced that her new album won't be available on streaming services. The logic? Apparently the company is confident that people will buy it if it isn't available to stream.
I suppose some will, but I'm guessing most people who are paying a streaming subscription will feel suitably screwed to the point where they won't. Let's face it, there's not a shortage of supply in the music industry. Adele's music is hardly a unique offering that demands to be heard right now.
I'd like to see the streaming services refuse to carry 25 after it's initial album sales have fallen off and the record company and artist deign to allow it to be streamed.
It won't happen, but streaming music is the future and artists and music publishers need to understand that being seen to screw the customer over isn't acceptable, no matter how big the short term gain.


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