With The Surface Book Microsoft Just Put Laptops On Notice

Microsoft blind-sided the rumour-mongers and leak sites this morning, with what could prove to be the defining hardware of 2015/6. The Surface Book takes all that is brilliant about the Surface Pro and targets the laptop rather than the tablet.
Just look at that hinge!
Whereas the Surface Pro is a tablet that can replace your laptop , the Surface Book is the laptop that makes regular laptops look horribly out of date.
Its a premium machine at a premium price, a market that Apple has had sewn up for ages. That is no longer the case. The MacBook Pro is just as outdated and limited by comparison as every other laptop out there.
Tim Cook may have no intention of building a MacBook with touch, but you can rest assured Apple will build a Surface Book clone within three years. It will have to.
The best announcement out of this morning's event? There was plenty of competition, but I would say so.